Mindful Cricket Tool

What's the Power of Your Game Mindset?

Mindful Cricket is about one thing that powers a thousand other things: MINDSET. No one masters the game of cricket with the wrong mindset, and everyone can play better with a Game Mindset.

This tool offers you the opportunity to self-assess your cricket mindset and to identify your perceived strengths, development opportunities and potential derailers.

Also consider asking a Coach to do the assessment to get another perspective.


Game Mindset into Action

When you know the strengths, development needs and derailers of Game Mindset you’ll be able to see whether your game is affected by the four ‘enemies’ which cause us to under-perform as cricketers.

  • Reactive mind - losing composure and letting unhelpful emotions take over
  • Distraction and mind drift - being distracted from the present moment
  • Making it complicated - overthinking instead of keeping it simple
  • Slow to change - being slow and inflexible to learn and adapt to change

Use the actions from your Self Assessment to tackle these head on so you play with a clear mind, and play brave, play clever and play better.

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