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Quieten Your Inner Critic

Early in our cricket careers we learn to grip the bat, get our head in line with the ball, catch with soft hands and move through the crease when bowling.

However, with few exceptions, we never learn how to quieten the inner critic who points out our limitations and mistakes, and creates all manner of fears and worries, most of which never happen.

To build composure, we need to quieten our inner critic and instead learn to deal with someone more reasonable and positive.

This tool guides you step-by-step through better understanding your inner critic.


Beware the Toxic Critic

Notice the characteristics of the inner critic?  ‘All-or-nothing’ thinking, rehearsing mistakes, and focus on weaknesses.

Of course, the critic is like pouring petrol on those uncomfortable emotions like nervousness, anxiety, and worry.  It’s no wonder we lose composure!

Mindful Cricket cultivates composure by helping you to be more aware of how self limiting thoughts drive feelings, and what you can do to take back control. 

Sometimes our inner critic gets out of control. I’ve seen this amongst leading cricketers and athletes, and fortunately we are seeing many openly acknowledging their battles and seeking support and professional help. If you are battling with persistent negative thoughts or moods then it’s time to chat with your doctor, counsellor or coach.

Here are some links to support in Australia (under 25 years) or (General), New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka and the UK. For other countries here is a link which shows crisis support services across the world.

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